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Super Mario Run for iPhone and iPad will be released in December, Nintendo announced today during an Apple event in San Francisco, CA. In this 2-D side-scrolling platform game, Mario runs through the courses on his own, relying on players to tap the screen to make him jump.

The game will be free to start, with the option to purchase the full version.

Details about pricing or a possible Android release were not given in Nintendo of America's press release.
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Meh. I am not impressed.
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And such a unique graphical style!
YYur  waYur n beYur you Yur plusYur instYur an Yur Yur whaYur


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iTunes page

Quote from: iTunes
Your character will behave differently depending on the timing of your taps,
Multiple characters?

Quote from: iTunes
- In the third mode, you can create your own Mushroom Kingdom using coins collected by playing the first two game modes.
This kinda sounds like it could be a level editor, but I'm gonna assume it's not so I'm not disappointed. I'm thinking it's just going to be like you have a little room that you can buy furniture for.

Iunno, it seems fun. Hope the Android version comes out before all the iPhone people stop playing it.
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