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Mario floats like a 3D Tanooki & avoids the stings of bees in ...

Super Mario 3D Land

For the first time, traditional Super Mario gameplay is merged with fully 3D worlds and levels.  Help Mario save the princess while stomping Goombas, kicking Koopa Troopas, hurling fireballs, and floating like a tanooki!  While the Super Mario Galaxy games brought back the Fire Flower as a time limited power-up, Super Mario 3D Land uses power-ups in the classic way -- and introduces new ones, like the Boomerang Suit.  The Super Leaf acts a bit differently in this game --  normal Super Leaf gives Mario a tanooki suit that can float (but not fly), while a stone Super Leaf gives Mario a tanooki suit that can transform into a statue.  It's worth noting that the game isn't only 3D in the gameplay -- it displays in a full 3 dimensions thanks to the 3DS, which makes it a bit easier to stomp on Goombas.

Luigi returns as a playable character, and even gets a different looking Super Leaf outfit -- grabbing one outfits him a fox suit, as opposed to Mario's tanooki suit.
Let's do the Mario, all together now!