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The 2D adventures continue in...


Once again, a selection of Game & Watch titles return.  Play through recreations of the classic Game & Watch Egg, Greenhouse, Turtle Bridge, Mario Bros., and Donkey Kong Jr. - in original mode, or with updated Mario graphics and sound.  If you do well enough, you'll also unlock classic versions of the games Flagman, Judge, Lion, Spitball Sparky, Donkey Kong II, and Fire (reversed)!

There are several Mario titles in this selection.  In Mario Bros., Mario and Luigi must work together to load up a delivery truck by transferring items between delivery belts.  Donkey Kong Jr. recreates the first stage of the arcade game -- help Junior climb up to rescue DK from Mario!  The unlockable Donkey Kong II is actually a recreation of the last stage of Donkey Kong Jr. -- Junior climbs chains to unlock DK's cage.

Developed by Tose and Nintendo, Game & Watch Gallery was released in 1999.
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