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Hey I was just thinkin but this is probably the most civilized message forum I'v been on.   No spammers, no flame wars nothing bad. Every other message forum I'v been to has had atleast one spammer whos just some idiot who wants to annoy people. But this, well its great man and I just thought I'd ley ya know.
By the way, my brother and I have Super Mario Bros 3 "contests" but they are not yoru usal contest.  Like items are woth so many points and you need so many live or you start docking points and so on.  Kurbios shoe is worth 5 points,each warp whistle is worth a point and so on.  Its basically a Mario "yahtzee" only instead of rolling dice and stuff you need two players nd you beat stages in order to get weapons and stuff and the person with the highest score wins.  And the game is different every time since you might get caught alot one time and not another.  P.S. Deezer, If you are interested in this game or want more details or anything I'll send you a copy of the form my brother and made to keep  track of scores and how much things are worth and stuff.  But it is very fun .

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He's right, you know.
I've only ever been to one other forum without spammers, annoying people, or people just causing trouble. It's KRR's message boards. And it's the only other peaceful messageboard that's still alive!

Well done, Deezer.
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Heheh thanks! :)
I don't know how it happened... all I've done is delete a few topics here and there.