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Here is a list of Nintendo's E3 lineup... a bunch of new titles are scheduled--as well as a brand new Kirby game, and a remake of Yoshi's Island!

 1080°: White Storm

 Animal Crossing

 Disney's Magical Mirror Starring Mickey Mouse

 Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem

 Legend of Zelda (tentative title)

 Mario Party 4

 Metroid Prime

 Star Fox Adventures

 Super Mario Sunshine

 Wario World

 Custom Robo GX

 Disney's Magical Quest Starring Mickey and Minnie

 Game & Watch Gallery 4

 Golden Sun: The Lost Age

 Kirby GBA (tentative title)

 Kururin Paradise

 Metroid Fusion

 Pokémon (tentative title)

 The Legend of Zelda GBA (tentative title)

 Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3
Wario gets his very first 3D GameCube game! The saga of Kirby returns on Game Boy!
Mario Party 4 is on GameCube!
Yoshi's Island on Game Boy! much excitement going on with Nintendo! I can hardly wait to get a 'Cube!
Go to for more info.

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Hey, let's all commend Mario Maniac on his ability to copy and paste!

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wario world?! looks cool, might buy it.

sorry, i saw an opening that seemed to scream out attack.
sorry, i saw an opening that seemed to scream out attack.