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Grrrr... I was hoping someone would ask how to get a 100 on Secret 5.... ah well...

Anyway, to beat Hookbill at the end of 4-8 (I think that is who you were refering to) you must first get a few eggs. Do this by jumping on his head, and he'll cough them up. Once you do that, hit him in the head about 4 times, which will cause him to gradually lose his balance, and if you did it correctly, Hookbill SHOULD end up on his back. Then, jump onto his stomach and do a Ground Pound (Jump + Down) and that is one hit. You must do this a total of 3 times to win.

If you EVER need help with ANY level of SMA3 or Yoshi's Island, I am the one to ask. I got 100s on every level of SMA3 3 days after I got it. I know my way around the game VERY well.

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i need help on the cave of mystery in world 2. I just got through the half way point  and i dont know wat to do. thanks in advance.
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The secret to clearing 'the Cave of the Mystery Maze' is:
1)From the cave's entrance, walk forward until you see a ?Shy Guy holding a lanturn and standing on a few gray blocks.
2)Slurp the enemy, if you need an egg.
3)Stand on the middle area of the gray blocks and throw an egg directly upward.
4)Everything should be self-explanatory from this point forward.

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