Author Topic: In a desperate attempt to stop cliched posts....  (Read 1410 times)

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I bring in a new type one.

Anyway, here is #1)

Did anyone see the possible Dolphin/Star Cube logo at Tendo Box? It looks stupid IMO.

2) A new Mario movie. I suppose that would be nice... if it was done in the same 3D graphics as Final Fantasy- The Movie. Pick up new PSM and see some stills. Awsome...

3) Mario Tennis- August 26th. Personaly, I'm not excited over this game. I suck at sports games, and Mario Tennis was a flop at my house... I might rent..

4) OT yes, but, who's gonna see the new Pokemon movie? Or should I say DORKemon. I saw an advance screening and it royally was, in the words of Simpsons's 'Comic Book Guy' -"Worst Movie Ever." (Okay, it was cratoon, I modded it.)

Any opnions?

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What do you mean by clichéed posts?
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