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Hi Deezer. Perhaps you should add that the Documentary is only
available after beating the game. It's not just simply found under Options >
Special Features right off the bat.

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This doesn't have to do with RL, but I thought maybe I should post it here rather than start a new topic.  About Mr. EAD...  Not only were his statistics E, A and D in the F-zero for N64, but "Nintendo EAD" (I think) was also the name of the Development team that Miyamoto is part of.
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You guys are both right. I'll be adding to those pages now that it's not 2am. :D

Here's more on EAD for anyone interested.

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Did you know the Sonic game for SNES has a Mario looing thing in the background?

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I think you're thinking of something else.  Something that never happened.
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