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Hello, I'm just here to ask 3 questions:

1) On my profile, can I change my related email address?
2)  Can  I also add my new (and lame) home page to it?
3) Can I link TMK to my website?



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Yes, I can help you.

1. If you look at the top right of the screen when viewing the forums, you will see "TMK / Fungi Forums." Look below that heading and click on "Profile." Then follow the instructions and change it.

2. I don't know about that one. It states in the rules that you may not advertise your websites and others. It must be a source of information pertaining to a thread. Talk to mods and admins about that.

3. You sure can link to TMK. At the main site, look at the left menus. Look at the "General" menu column and search in that column until you find "Site FAQ." There, Deezer has provided you with a button or banner you can use as a link to TMK.

Hope that helped you out!

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Of course you may add your homepage to your profile. That's what the Homepage slot is for! ^_^

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I'm ashamed, I feel so much like a newbie...