Author Topic: Nintendo "Nitro" DS specs?  (Read 1234 times)


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Check out the supposed official spec sheet at

Are they fake, real?  Either way, they're interesting.

CPU Main processor ARM946E-S (67MHz)
Cache: 8KB data 4KB
TCM : 32KB data 16KB
Sub processor ARM7TDMI (33MHz)
Memory Main memory 4MB
ARM9/ARM7 32KB (2 times 16KB)
Work RAM 64KB
LCD Display two screens of 256x192 pixels (RGB)
Colors maximum of 262,144 colors
2D graphics
Engine BG 4 layers maximum
OBJ 128 objects maximum
3D graphics
Engine Coordinate conversion maximum of 4M / second
Polygon drawing capability maximum of 120K polygon s
Pixel drawing capability maximum of 30M pixels/second
Sound 16 channels (ADPCM/PCM)
Microphone input
Wireless communication IEEE802.11 protocol
Input device Touch screen / panel
'cross', A, B, R, L, Start, Select (X and Y are under examination)
Electric power control Sleep mode (with WakeUp by radio signal possible). Electric power control of the 2D engine, rendering engine, (unknown) engine and LCD possible.
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