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Indeed, I've only tried the trick in SMA4. In my opinion, it's better than that Forest of Illusion 1 Wiggler trick since it lets the play collect well over 200 lives per attempt while still allowing enough time leftover to comfortably finish the level.
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Start+Back?  It saves the lives you gain without you having to finish the level.  I think the FI1 trick's better, personally.
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In SMW, there is an already discovered glitch in Donut Secret (the Donut level you can get to which is in Valley of Bowser). You grab a yellow koopa and fly onto the pipe near the goal and kick it out and it goes glitchy.

IN SMA2, the shell disapears when you try to kick it! Not a complete glitch fix, but it was the best they could do.
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Another glitch I've discovered is in the GBA remake of Yoshi's Island.

In 3-1, there is a bouncer which you can reach by swimming underneath this piece of land and if you jump on the bouncer and lean Yoshi to the left and then quickly move him into the 'pipe' entrance whilst he is still offscreen (he should be hidden behind the trees).

If you did this glitch right, Yoshi will be in a purple void and the music will go berserk and the game will then freeze!
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I found a problem in BIS a couple of weeks ago.  Shortly after getting the dig ability you come to an area in Bowser where you can dig three times.  I dug all there times, but Toad came in on the third dig making it impossible to get out even after his conversation.  I could give more details, but I'm tired ... nevermind.
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