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I just read almost all of superstarMASIAH's posts.  Almost all of them are senseless and stupid.  How do you people put up with him!?  He is almost as bad as sadib!

I'm the best.

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I'm the best.

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He is still posting!!!  Dosn't he get that no1 at tmk likes him!!!!!?????

I''''m the best.
I'm the best.


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I don't know about whoever closed this topic, but it seems quite clear to me that this unwelcome dude is either marioguy, jon, or some other bete noire of their ilk. Therefore I recommend the same old, same old if you're capable of the maneuver. If not, then I'd be obliged to do it myself.

(Sorry—I got a little carried away with weird words in this post, and they may not all be correct. Heh. ;)

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