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Just a heads-up on a couple of Nintendo DS games with Mario references that I think have a very slim chance of making it to North America. Yakuman DS, a Mah-Jongg game with Mario characters as avatars, is scheduled for a March 31st release in Japan. An unknown amount of music from Super Mario Bros., as well as other NES/Famicom songs, will appear in Electroplankton. To hear the Starman theme on its website, click the first circle in the menu, then wait for #09. Also, in the third circle, the next-to-last person plays the part with the Starman theme. Electroplankton has a Japanese release date set for April 7th.

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There's a screenshot for Yakuman DS on Nintendo of Japan's Web Site.  There are like, 20 some characters, I think.  Including Birdo and Daisy.
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