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Read the latest news and watch the new movie:

My other DemaSked thread is so old and some of it now shown to be false, that I desided to make a new thread for an update on the project.  

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> We will begin speaking with publishers this year at E3. I would personally like to work with one publisher exclusively, but we'll see how the rollout ends up.

I wonder if he specifically wants a particular publisher.  Nintendo?

> Demasked could be used in all three next-generation consoles including the two current-generation handhelds.

It appears he's leaving all his options open.

> We would like to partner with a publisher exclusively; however that publisher must show us a commitment to delivering these new possibilities to gamers. I did not get into this business solely to make profit, I'm here because there is a void and we are going to fill it. Therefore, partnering with any one company can be a curse or a blessing. Nintendo ' s recent announcement regarding DS online is a positive thing, it shows they are committed to the changing their corporate culture to be more responsive to their consumer, I'd like to see more of that in the industry.

Nintendo again.  Hmmm.

> With respect to any future relationship with Nintendo, I think it was a move in the right direction. Overall, it was a very positive thing. When we tried to open a dialogue with Nintendo at E3 2004, they were simply not ready. The priority was with the launch of the DS, they were trying to stave off online functionality as much as possible. Their announcement at GDC showed a lot of courage. I ' m assuming they chose GameSpy  as a quick stopgap solution. I wouldn't expect GameSpy  to be involved past the Nintendo DS, but this is purely speculation on my part. Either way, it doesn't affect our business, as ant-hill would be able to integrate into their current and future infrastructure, whether or not they decide to continue their relationship with GameSpy.

*scratches head

> Something I'd very much like to see, personally, with the next generation is a renewed confidence on behalf of Nintendo. Something along the lines of "don't play games, play Nintendo" would really resinate, I think. Many reading this interview are too young to remember, but there was a significant amount of time where sitting in front of a computer screen to a television screen, playing any type of video game was "playing Nintendo". In any case, I think the company has a lot of opportunity to recapture a lost audience, and I look forward to seeing how they communicate their future innovations on the mass market, which is something they have had difficulty doing in recent years.

I agree completely!

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“Evolution has shaped us with perceptions that allow us to survive. But part of that involves hiding from us the stuff we don’t need to know."