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Mario: I hate-a my job. I was-a working on some-a clogged pipes today and-a some s*** blasted out and-a hit me.
Luigi: That's great.
Mario: I'm-a gonna try to work-a for Donald Trump-a.
Luigi: That's great.
Mario: You're-a ignoring me!
Luigi: That's great.

When he got there, he realized he had some competition.

Mario: Wario! What are... Bowser? Yoshi? Luigi?
Luigi: That's great.
Donald Trump: Let's start over here. What are you?
Bowser: I'm Bowser, the Koopa King!
Trump: That's a hideous suit. There are holes in the back.
Bowser: Those are my spikes.
Trump: You've ruined one of my boardroom chairs with your spikes! Bowser, you're fired.
Trump: get out.
Bowser: Okay.
Wario: DA****! I'm on the floor again!
Trump: Another chair broken. Wario, how smart are you?
Wario: I don't know, I can't remember.
Trump. Wario, you're fired. And what are you?
Yoshi: I'm a Yoshi.
Trump: And your name is Yoshi? What if my name were Human?
Yoshi: Well...
Trump: Yoshi, you're fired. Hmmm, Luigi.
Luigi: That's great.
Trump: You're fired.
Mario: !
Trump: Well Mario, you're the last player left. You're hired.
Mario! Yahoo!

He got fired 9 seconds later because he didn't know what the job was.

The end

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Now that was funny. Keep it up!

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