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I'm feeling pretty good right now, since

1) My WIP beard has been getting lots of praise lately, and

2) I asked out this one girl I've been flirting with for a while and got a yes, so woohoo.


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Was #1 a factor in #2 or vice-versa?
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Well, she's been a pretty big supporter of my beard, but we were friends before that, so probably.

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I had a performance tonight and it was so wonderful and made me happy.
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What kind of performance was it, exactly?

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It was a play. There were nine 10-minute performances. I was in one of them plus the minuets that the mentors put on. We had dancing and acting in the main play. Singing was a huge part of the minuets.
"I don't know why they're called boyshorts! Boys don't wear shorts that short!" - Mitchie

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This kinda belongs in both Hopeful and Angst, but whatever.

So I went to a Street Fighter IV tournament today. This is a small town, so I expected it to be small (I was right). In preparation, I trained on my 360 for the tourney. I get there, and I find out I'm in the division that plays on the PS3. Aw, crepes (However, if I had been in the 360 division, I would have been the only one.)
So, I took 3rd. Out of 4 people. However, these are people who play nonstop, day and night, yadda yadda. Also I was Bison, and the rest were Ryu, Ken, and Akuma.
So, yeah, took 3rd (Ken won), and I got a Subway Gift Card for 10 dollars, a F.E.A.R. 2 booklet, free Gears of War 2 maps (I don't have Gears 2), and a 'Limited Edition Laser Cell' of a Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon illustration. Oh, and pencils. A crap load of pencils.The Fire Emblem thing's pretty cool, though. It's in my room now. Yeaaaah.
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So I just finished listening to the full version of The Crystal Method's Divided by Night, and it's far better than I would have expected. It's great to see them going back to their old style and not trying so hard to make movie-trailer-sounding songs anymore.


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19 1/2 years old and I finally got around to getting my permit. Go me.
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Yesterday, we were on a road trip up a mountain to a place called "Huckleberry Knob" when it happened. 3000 feet up and our radiator must have burst and our engine overheated. Luckily, my mom had packed five bottles of water and poured it in the radiator, and we had to call it quits on going the 2600 more feet. So we drive back down to Chilhowee, and my dad and I start talking about aircraft and the like (which isn't that unusual for us), and on the road, I look and there's a gliderport just off the road in a small field. So without me saying anything, Dad pulls a right onto the gravel road and rolls down his window talking to the guy on the golf-cart. So he asks how much it is, and it was $98 for a twenty minute ride, and $139 for a 30 minute ride. So he asks me if I want a ride, and of course I say "Doy." So he tells the guy "30 minutes". So we wait a few minutes for the sailplane to land. And when it lands, the dude driving the plane hops out, the guy on the golf-cart tows the Piper
tow-plane (how ironic) towards the grass strip, I get in the old Schwiezer 2-33A, they hook it up to the Piper, we wiggle our rudder, the guy in the tow-plane wiggles his, he starts the engine, we get up to speed, and we're up.
We fly up to the ridge, and the cable releases. That was about the strangest sound I'd ever heard.
So he fly's in a figure-eight over the ridge, and on the south end of the ridge, he lets me take the controls.
Luckily, I have skill from a flight simulator. Now I'm flying about 15 figure-eights over the ridge at 45 to 55 knots. On the last loop south he tells me to head west towards the field, and we do more aerobatic stuff like sharp 90 degree turns and stalls. After the last stall, we loop around north for the final approach back to the field. Over the powerlines, and we touch down on the strip (which needed to be smoothed out quite a bit).
So, in a nutshell, this was my first time actually flying.
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Life without regular Internet access has been going great.
- Kalee and I saw Up on Friday (really good movie), then went to a graduation party on Saturday.
- I've been playing some of the various games I've downloaded or bought over the last several months:
  - finished Gravity Bone
  - played through some of the stuff in the Cactus Game Arcade
  - started Eternal Daughter
  - played through some more of the challenges in Bejeweled Twist (I'd play Plants vs. Zombies if I was able to connect to Steam, but...)
  - got through a few more stages in Immortal Defense
  - had a very frustrating session of Fallout in which I discovered that I didn't name the character I made when I first got the game, then got slaughtered by a radscorpion
- I bought Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog for $10 earlier today while we were picking up my siblings' new PS2.
- Once my session on this computer is over, I'll be checking F-ZERO GX out from the library.
- All the stuff I read earlier about Nintendo's E3 announcements. New Golden Sun on a system that I own, hell yeah! (I wonder if it'll have DS-GBA interactivity...)
- I'm currently looking at picking up a netbook for school (probably one with Linux, unless I decide there are certain XP functions I definitely need - no, gaming doesn't count, especially not on one of those). I'm also most likely going to build a new desktop for gaming purposes (probably also dual-booting to Linux). Neither of these things are happening for a few months, but I'm looking at stuff about the former with the seven minutes I have remaining on this computer.


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I've heard Wolfmother's new stuff, and considering Andrew's the only remaining original member, it's very good. Also, the IRA beat the Taliban on Deadliest Warrior.


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More stuff:
- I ended up buying F-ZERO GX at GameStop shortly after checking it out from the library. I basically decided that since they had it and it was only $8 (and I didn't want to deal with only having two weeks to play the game), I'd go ahead and buy it.
- I got a Go set on Sunday. I played a free multiplayer-only PC version of the game years before and enjoyed it, and having a real set now is pretty cool. I've played a total of one game so far, which I won quite handily.

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Anyone remember in The Angst Thread where I often complained about my parents moving to North Carolina? Well, I couldn't find a way to stay behind, so I went with them. It was a rough 15 hour drive, but now I'm in North Carolina...and loving it.

Our new home is much nicer than the old one. Not only is my bedroom bigger, but I have my own bathroom as well. The rest of the house is pretty cool too. I will provide pictures if anyone is interested.

Yes, I did have to leave my boyfriend (who is not taking this too well), but with half a dozen nieces and nephews here, it'll be hard to get lonely.
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I was going to have a picture of me holding two of the games I bought earlier with the same text in Chup's Arkanoid post, but a lack of easy camera access and slow Internet for an image upload is preventing me from doing so. Having said that...

While at GameStop earlier, I bought Boktai, Arcade Advanced (a Konami collection for the GBA containing Frogger, Time Pilot, Gyruss, Scramble, Yie Ar Kung-Fu, and Rush 'n' Attack), Gradius III & IV, and

For the record, that makes two awesome Treasure shooters I've bought in Iowa (the other being the PS2 version of Silpheed two weeks ago). If the GameCube version of Ikaruga wasn't going to run me upwards of $40 used anywhere I might find it, it'd probably already be three.

I also finished ZomBotany 2, my last minigame in Plants vs. Zombies. All I need to do now is finish the four remaining Survival modes and I'll receive the Golden Sunflower Trophy (and another Steam Achievement).