Super Mario Bros. (NES)

World 4-3 glitch fest

You can cause lots of chaos by simply breaking off the pulley platforms in World 4-3. At the first pair of pulley platforms, stand on the left side until it breaks off, then jump to the mushroom platform on your left. Next, quickly jump over to the Elevator Lifts, and sometimes Mario will encounter an invisible platform around the pulley wheel, which will usually make him fall into the pit. If you happen to avoid this, continuing quickly to the right will often mess up the Red Koopa Troopa on the next mushroom platform. Sometimes he will get stuck inside the platform, and sometimes he'll be walking on air below the platform. You can cause even more chaos by keeping the gravity-defying Koopa on the screen as you break more platforms off and quickly move ahead. If you're lucky, an Elevator Lift might drop down a pit, or you might see platforms break off on their own and fall to the bottom of the screen (screenshot #6).

Strange things can also happen when you break off the second set of platforms. Move to the right as the platforms are falling off screen, and there's a good chance that the next platform will pull up by itself as the rope on the other side stretches further into the pit.

Breaking the third set of platforms and running to the right usually results in a hole appearing in the next rope.

Found by: Deezer

Emulator video files

In other versions...

Fixed in SMAS? Everything but the invisible platform bug was fixed.


  • Stuck Koopa

  • Koopa walks on air

  • Possessed pulley

  • Hole in rope

  • Missing platform

  • Floating platform