Super Mario 64 (N64)

Hat factory

In Course 10, have the giant snowman blow off your hat, then go to the tree in the corner where the warp zone is before picking up your hat. Warp back and forth a few times, then go find your hat. You'll notice that more hats have appeared, one for each time you warped! Slowly approach the pile of hats, and Mario will pick up each hat and put it back on, except for the last one, which he'll keep in his hand. Mario can then run around holding his hat, but be careful -- he'll take more damage as if he was not wearing a hat. To put the hat back on, simply warp, get a star, or die.

You can bring a Wing Cap into the mix for even more fun. In Course 8, let Klepto the Condor steal your hat, then climb the tall pillar and hit him to make him drop it. Then, go to the tree by the oasis and warp back and forth a few times. Next, get the Wing Cap and fly over to the pile of hats, and approach it slowly. After he picks up all the hats, Mario will end up with the Wing Cap in his hand! He can still fly; just do a triple jump to take-off.


  • A bunch of hats