Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES)

Warp Zone canoe glitch

Note: This glitch only works in the Japanese version.

Hop in the canoe in World 3 and then use a warp whistle. On the Warp Zone map, move to the left and Mario will go off the island! Unfortunately, once you've moved off the island you won't be able to get back on it. You're stuck unless you use another warp whistle, which will place you by the #8 pipe in the warp zone.

Sent in by: Mega Man 5

YouTube video:

Emulator video files

  • 1 (FCEUX movie)

In other versions...

Fixed in SMAS? Yes. You cannot warp while in the canoe.

Fixed in SMA4? Yes. You cannot warp while in the canoe.


  • Use a whistle in the canoe

  • Moving off the island

  • Scrolling to the right