Donkey Kong (Arcade)

Taunt : 100
On the rivet levels (where you make Donkey Kong fall), position yourself very close to DK. Each time you jump up you'll get 100 points. If you're going for a high score, this is not really worth it because as you're taunting DK, the bonus time counter keeps on dropping.
Fake out the fireballs
On the rivet levels, if you find yourself trapped by fireballs at the edge of the screen, jump off the edge of the level. Mario will "bounce back" after a short delay, during which the fireball may have moved elsewhere.
Stupid barrels

Note: This only works in the Japanese version.

In the barrel levels, barrels will never roll down the ladder that you're climbing as long as Mario's hand is touching a red girder. However, the barrels that DK throws straight down can still hit you.