Game & Watch Gallery 4 (GBA)

Data erase
On the title screen, after the "Play the game / View the gallery" options have appeared, press: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Left, Right, Right. The screen will go black, and your data will be erased. WARNING: The game doesn't ask to confirm the data erase; once the code is in, your saved data is gone.
Five secret games

There are five more games hidden in Game & Watch Gallery 4. The following is a list of the five games, and the amount of stars required to unlock each one.

  • "Chef" - 5 stars
  • "Mario Bros." - 20 stars
  • "Donkey Kong" - 35 stars
  • "Octopus" - 50 stars
  • "Fire Attack" - 65 stars
Nine Museum games

Nine more games can be unlocked in the Museum (located in the Gallery Corner). To see a game, you'll need a certain amount of stars; to play the game, you'll need even more:

  • "Manhole" - 10 stars to see it, 80 stars to play it
  • "Tropical Fish" - 15 stars to see it, 90 stars to play it
  • "Mario's Bombs Away" - 25 stars to see it, 100 stars to play it
  • "Parachute" - 30 stars to see it, 110 stars to play it
  • "Bombsweeper" - 40 stars to see it, 120 stars to play it
  • "Climber" - 45 stars to see it, 130 stars to play it
  • "Safebuster" - 50 stars to see it, 140 stars to play it
  • "Lifeboat" - 55 stars to see it, 150 stars to play it
  • "Zelda" - 60 stars to see it, 160 stars to play it