Mario Golf: World Tour (3DS)

Extra power shots
Get a "Nice Shot" with a power shot, and the game won't subtract from your power shot total.
Unlock Star Characters New
Beating a character in the Mario Club challenges section will unlock the Star version of that character. Star Characters have longer drives at the expense of smaller sweet spots and less control. (The four hidden golfers are Star players as soon as they are unlocked.)
Unlock Sky Island New
Clear the one-on, one-putt challenge in Castle Club to open Sky Island in the Mario Club.
Unlock other courses New

Collecting Star Coins in the Mario Club challenges will unlock five more golf courses.

Star CoinsCourse
7Yoshi Lake
14Wiggler Park
21Cheep Cheep Lagoon
28DK Jungle
35Bowser's Castle
Unlock characters New

You can unlock four more golfers by collecting Star Coins in the Mario Club challenges.

Star CoinsCharacter
Unlock Moon Coin challenges New
Collect 90 Star Coins to unlock Moon Coin challenges in Mario Club.