Mario Kart Wii (Wii)

POW Block defense
The best way to avoid a POW Block attack is to be in the air when it goes off. Another effective method is to shake the Wii Remote (GameCube controller users: press Up on the directional pad) right as the POW is about to go off. Blue rings will appear on the ground around your racer if you timed it correctly. With this technique, you'll still lose your items, but you won't lose very much speed.
Disappearing ink
When your screen is gooped up by a Blooper, use a Mushroom item or drive over a non-half-pipe dash panel to clear your screen quickly.
Speed boost
For a burst of speed to start the race, press and hold the accelerate button right after the second beep during the countdown.
Lakitu boost
To quickly get back up to speed after falling off the course, press and hold the accelerate button right as Lakitu places you back on the track. If your timing is true, you'll get a short burst of speed.