New Super Mario Bros. (NDS)

The other brother
To play as Luigi in a 1-player game, press L+R+A on the file menu.
Challenge mode
Looking for a new way to play? In save files where you've beaten World 8, you can try NSMB's Challenge mode, which doesn't let you scroll to the left or downward, depending on the stage. Turn on Challenge mode by pressing Start on the map screen, followed by L R L R X X Y Y. When you enter the code, a message welcoming you to Challenge mode will appear, along with an arrow icon in the upper-right corner of the map screen. A red arrow icon means that the stage will have scrolling limitations. For unbeaten stages, auto-scrolling stages, and a few others, the arrow icon will be gray, which means that they won't be affected by Challenge mode. If you get stuck and can't remember what the welcome message told you, don't move for 40 game seconds and another message will appear to remind you that you can press Start and choose "Return to map" to leave the stage. Back on the map screen, you can turn off Challenge mode with the same code.
Firework finish
Touch the flagpole when the tens and ones digits of the timer match to set off fireworks worth 4000 points each. The number matched is the amount of fireworks you'll see. For example, if you finish with 288 left on the timer, eight fireworks will go off. You'll also hear the classic SMB level clear fanfare after pulling down the flag.
Bonus Toad Houses

Getting a firework finish also makes a Toad House appear at the start of the world map. The type of Toad House that appears depends on the last two numbers in the timer.

Remaining on timerToad House type
X11, X22, X33Item chance
X44, X55, X661-Up chance
X77, X88, X99Mega Mushroom

Once completed, the bonus Toad House disappears, but you can make another one appear by repeating the timer trick—a new Toad House will pop up if there is no bonus Toad House there already.

The sky is falling
As Mega Mario, perform a ground pound to make Goombas, coins, or a mixture of both fall from the sky.
Secret 'shroom
Knock ten coins out of a multi-coin block, and if it's still active, the last hit will release a Super Mushroom.
Save anytime
After beating World 8, a save option will be added to the map screen menu.
World 4
To open World 4, beat the boss of World 2 as Mini Mario.
World 7
To open World 7, beat the boss of World 5 as Mini Mario.
Unlimited Toad Houses
After beating all stages, including the lettered stages, you can re-enter Toad Houses as many times as you wish. Every Toad House you've visited earlier will reappear.
Background designs

Beat World 8 to open a blue Toad House above World 1-1. This special house sells decorative backgrounds for your touch screen for the low, low price of 20 Star Coins each.

  • Unlock three new background designs: Beat World 8.
  • Unlock last background design: Buy all paths blocked by Star Coin Signs.
Staff roll fun
During the credits, the touch screen ripples and a sound effect from the game plays as you tap the screen. Each letter has a different sound effect when touched, except for "d" and "e", which use the same sound effect.
Save file stars

Stars will appear next to your save file after you complete certain requirements.

  • Star 1: Beat World 8.
  • Star 2: Beat all stages, including the lettered stages. (You do not have to find all secret exits.)
  • Star 3: Find all secret exits and spend all your Star Coins. (All backgrounds must be purchased.) Congrats—you've completed the game!