Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars (SNES)

Move the menu screen background
During the game, press Y to access the menu screen (notice that the background moves to the top-left corner of the screen). While holding both the L and R Buttons, press any direction on the Control Pad to change the background's movement to that direction. Next time you access the menu screen, the background will be going the way you left it. If you save your game, it'll stay that way, but you can always change it back whenever you want.

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Instant reset
While holding L, R, and Select, press Start.
pearls - Sunken Ship password
すいぞくかん - Sunken Ship password (Japanese version)
Tadpole Pond tunes
So La Mi Re Do Re Do Re - "Frogfucius' Suite #18" (for Alto Card)
Mi Do So Do Re La Ti Do - "Mole Mountain Blues" (for Tenor Card)
La Ti Do Re So Do Re Mi - "Monstro Town Melody" (for Soprano Card)
Lazy Link
After you see Geno leave Gaz's house in Rose Town, you can stay for free at the inn. When you wake up, you'll see Link sleeping in the bed next to you.
Beetle Blaster
After you defeat Yaridovich in Seaside Town, return to the Mushroom Kingdom inn. The boy in the corner will sell you his "Beetle Mania" game for 500 Coins. The game has two different backgrounds, depending on where you play it.
Feed me!
After you outrun Boshi in Yo'ster Isle, a baby Yoshi will hatch in one of the nests. Feed him as many Yoshi Cookies as you can, then leave the screen. When you return, he will have grown much fatter. Continue feeding him cookies (if you run out, you can always get more from the Yellow Yoshi) and he will eventually give you some half-decent items in return.
Retro Mario
While traveling up Booster's Tower, go behind that curtain to turn into the 8-bit Mario from the original Super Mario Bros. Unfortunately, you can't remain Retro Mario forever.