Super Paper Mario (Wii)

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Max stats

[This strategy was contributed by Kimimaru. Head over to our message board for the original post and screenshots.]

To obtain enough HP Plus and Attack Plus items to max out your stats, prepare to collect a lot of coins and tokens. Having Dashell and completing the Flopside Pit of 100 Trials are both strongly recommended. Note that Mario should be played, as he moves the fastest and has the power to flip to 3D mode. You must have access to the Flipside Arcade to complete this! I also highly recommend having the game completed, but it is not required.

Also, after you do this the first time or finish learning the strategy, it is recommended that you have at least 400 Flipside Tokens in the Flipside Arcade and three Amazy Dayzee cards with you before you start. This saves some time and makes things easier.

Note: This strategy is very time consuming. Make sure you have at least three hours to spare if you're doing this for the first time.

  1. Have at least 200 coins and an empty inventory. Then buy 10 Catch Cards from the Card Shop, located on the second floor in Flipside after you flip to 3D and go past the opening in the wall.
  2. After you have 10 Catch Cards, use the Return Pipe and enter the door that takes you to Chapter 5-2, Land of the Cragnons. It's the light-blue door.
  3. Go through the first two doors in that chapter and you should be in the area where there is a gap and a floating platform moving back and forth. Get to the other side in the fastest way you can (with Dashell, you can jump over the whole gap). Then flip to 3D mode; you will see an Amazy Dayzee. Press the "+" button and then press Left to scroll to your inventory.
  4. Press "2" to use the Catch Card. You may have to wait a few seconds, but after you do, the Amazy Dayzee will be caught (being at level 99 ensures that it's a 100% chance of catching the Amazy Dayzee)!
  5. Once you catch the Amazy Dayzee, go and pick up the card, and go through the door you came from. Go left, and you will see a pipe. Jump over it and you'll see a second, taller pipe. Go into that pipe. After you're in the pipe, go back up immediately and go back to the area with the Amazy Dayzee. Going through the pipe is necessary because enemies respawn after you go two screens away from where they are. Going into the pipe acts as the second screen.
  6. Repeat steps 3-5 (without going through the first two doors in the chapter). Once you have no more Catch Cards left, go buy 10 more. If you can't afford 10 more, simply sell one Amazy Dayzee card. Continue this until you have 99 Amazy Dayzee cards. Saving to the right of the door that takes you to the Amazy Dayzee area is recommended after every 10 Amazy Dayzee cards you catch.
  7. After you have 99 Amazy Dayzee cards, make sure you have at least 99 coins. This makes everything faster. Now go back to the Card Shop.
  8. Sell three Amazy Dayzee cards to the shop owner. If you have 99 coins, the last Amazy Dayzee card sale will end sooner than the others for some reason, saving you time, which accumulates. Also, if you have every enemy card, then press Right on the Wii Remote seven times and then Down four times to easily get to the Amazy Dayzee card.
  9. Get out of the Card Shop and flip to 3D mode. Go through the wall again and stay in 3D mode. When you go down and move past the Cooking Shop, you should see a down arrow that takes you to the down elevator. Press Left to go down a floor.
  10. Go into the blue door that takes you into the bar. Once in there, you should flip to 3D mode and start heading down. When the floor starts to change to a different color, jump as high as you can, still moving down. You should land on a pipe; go down it if you already haven't.
  11. You're in the Flipside Arcade! Now talk to The Interchet (the robot guy) and tell him you would like to buy tokens. Press Up after that to quickly select the option to exchange 150 coins for 50 tokens. Continue exchanging until you have 99 coins again.
  12. You should now have 96 Amazy Dayzee cards and 99 coins left. Now go back to the Card Shop, sell three Amazy Dayzee cards, and buy five Catch Cards.
  13. Use the Return Pipe and go back to Chapter 5-2; catch five more Amazy Dayzees, and get their cards.
  14. You should now have 98 Amazy Dayzee Cards. Now use the Return Pipe once more. Quickly get at least 999 coins again. An easy way to do this would be to go to The Whoa Zone, Chapter 4-4. If you already have at least 999 coins somehow, skip to step 16 without using the Return Pipe.
  15. If you go to The Whoa Zone, go through the doors until you see huge pig-like enemies, called Pigarithms. They move left and right and turn around when they hit a wall. Kill them by hitting them three times, preferrably jumping on them and staying above them so that you hit them three times without them moving; they should drop a lot of coins. Kill them until you have at least 999 coins.
  16. Use the Return Pipe, go back to the Flipside Arcade, exchange your coins for Flipside Tokens, and repeat steps 8-11 until you have about eight Amazy Dayzee cards left. Saving after exchanging about half your Amazy Dayzee cards is recommended.
  17. Now sell three more Amazy Dayzee cards and go back into the Flipside Arcade. You should have around 9,700 Flipside Tokens at this point. The max you can hold is 9,999, so just exchange until you have 9,950. Now buy one of your desired Plus Items; either an Attack Plus or an HP Plus. Exchange the last 150 coins for 50 tokens now.
  18. Use the rest of your Flipside Tokens, which should be 7,500, to buy three more of your desired Plus Item(s). Use them, and go back up and save. If you buy all Attack Plus Items, you should get four more Attack from this, and if you buy all HP Plus Items, you should get 20 more HP from this. Now you should have five Amazy Dayzee cards left.
  19. Go back to the Card Shop and sell two Amazy Dayzee cards. You should have three remaining at this point.
  20. Head back to the Flipside Arcade and exchange two times. This means that you will receive 100 additional Flipside Tokens and will have used up 300 coins. At this point, 399 coins should be with you.
  21. Retreat back to the Card Shop and buy 10 more Amazy Dayzee cards. Keep the extra three Amazy Dayzee cards with you, as they will help you save time by having you land exactly on 99 Amazy Dayzee cards if you follow up with the strategy when you catch them.
  22. Repeat steps 1-21 as many times as desired.

Note: I recommend doing this at least one time per day if you're going for max stats. I got either 20 HP or 4 Attack each day.

Good luck! This is a great goal to accomplish, and I enjoyed it very much. You might get bored, but with determination, you can overcome it. I usually compare this to getting the max stats in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, but this is much harder and more time consuming.

Sent in by: Kimimaru