Super Mario Maker (WiiU)

Unlock sample courses

Super Mario Maker's 68 total sample courses are arranged into 17 Worlds of 4 courses.

  • Worlds 1 and 2
    For the first eight courses, one is opened each time you unlock a set in the course maker.
  • Worlds 3 through 16
    Any courses you clear in 10 Mario Challenge mode will appear in this part of the sample courses list.
  • World 17
    The last four courses open after you clear all 56 courses in 10 Mario Challenge. These courses were featured in the 2015 Nintendo World Championships.
Unlock the Weird Mushroom
The Weird Mushroom will be available to use in course maker after you clear all four Nintendo World Championships sample courses. In the Super Mario Bros. game style, shake the Super Mushroom and it will turn into the Weird Mushroom.
Unlock Expert mode in 100 Mario Challenge
Clear the 100 Mario Challenge in Normal mode to unlock Expert mode.
Title screen fun New
Similar to Mario Paint's title screen secret, you can tap the "Super Mario Maker" title logo to trigger special events. Something different will happen for touching "Super" and for each letter in "Mario Maker." For instance, if you tap the "I," a parakeet will fly down and perch on it. Bonus secret: In the Super Mario Bros. game style only, tapping the first "M" will make it drop a Mystery Mushroom containing a Wario costume.
Goal gone New
Magikoopas can make the flagpole or axe disappear if their spell hits the base of the goal. To make the goal reappear, either defeat the Magikoopa, or run back to the left far enough to make him depart.
Gnat Attack minigame New

Hidden in Super Mario Maker is a remixed version of the bug-swatting Gnat Attack minigame from Mario Paint. Here's how to find it: In the course maker, continuously shake a Muncher until three bugs fly out, then swat all three with the stylus before they fly away, and Gnat Attack will start automatically.

To access the hard mode of Gnat Attack, continuously shake a Muncher until King Watinga (the giant robot fly) appears, then swat him 10 times.

Unlock Builder Mario costume New
Clear the Gnat Attack minigame to obtain the Builder Mario Mystery Mushroom costume.
Unlock Fighter Fly costume New
Clear the hard mode of Gnat Attack to obtain the Fighter Fly Mystery Mushroom costume.