Mario Teaches Typing (CD-ROM) (PC)

Region: USA

Manual Listing

Produced and Designed by

Thomas R. Decker

Assistant Producer

Fred Royal

Executive Producer

Brian Fargo

Programmed by

Greg Christensen

Original Programming by

Kurt Dekker
Jay Patel


David Mosher
Todd Camasta
Brian Giberson

Mario Cartoon Designed by

Lil' Gangster Entertainment

Mario Cartoon Artwork

Brian Giberson
Bryon Carson

Mario in Real Time VActorâ„¢


Mario and Voice Personality

Charles Martinet

Script Prepared by

Fred Royal


David Govett in association with the Fat Man

Sound Effects

Hamilton Altstatt

Voice Editing

Gregory R. Allen
Ron Valdez

Movie Clips


Brian Luzietti

Sound Effects and Editing

Gregory R. Allen


Written by

Gregory R. Allen

Produced and Mixed by

Charles Deenen
Gregory R. Allen

Rap and Lyrics by

Legacy X

Vocals, Lyrics and Vocal Arrangement by

André Egans

Audio Director

Charles Deenen