The Simpsons Game
Nintendo DS
Game info
System: Nintendo DS
Genre: Action/platforming
Developer: Electronic Arts
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Players: 1
The Simpsons Game screen shot
Release info
[USA] The Simpsons Game
Date: 10/30/2007 ESRB: T  
[Europe] The Simpsons Game
Date: 11/2/2007 PEGI: 12+  
Cameo appearances and references

The "Enter the Cheatrix" episode contains many references to other video games, including Mario and Donkey Kong. In fact, your objective in "Enter the Cheatrix" is to save Professor Frink from a giant ape.

In the episode's opening cutscene, Bart and Lisa teleport from Professor Frink's house to a "game engine" -- a factory where video games are made. They materialize in front of a large green pipe, similar to the ones seen in many Mario games. As they take a look around, the camera zooms in on a Mario lookalike working on a high platform. Later on, the "Stubborn Ape" grabs Frink and swings away, ending the cutscene. The cutscene is present in all versions of The Simpsons Game (Wii, DS, PS2, PS3, PSP, and Xbox 360).

Unlike the other five versions of The Simpsons Game, the DS version is a 2-D platformer, so the Mario references are a bit different inside the level. You'll see Mario (now with a long, gray beard) slaving away behind a window at the end of the second area. Apparently, Mario's job here is to jump and hit a button over and over. When you pass by him the first time, Mario will say something, chosen at random from his few voice clips. His lines are spoken with an Italian accent, but not by Charles Martinet, Mario's usual voice actor. We've confirmed three voice clips in the DS version:

  • "I was-a trained to be a plumber, not-a this!"
  • "I have not seen my native-a land in-a so long."
  • "I'm-a the best! I'm-a... not the best."

The boss room in the DS version is based on the first stage in Donkey Kong. Positioned at the top of the room, the Stubborn Ape throws barrels down a series of red platforms connected by ladders. Lisa must use her special power to get to the top and knock off the Stubborn Ape.

After Professor Frink is rescued, the closing cutscene plays, which is also seen in all versions of The Simpsons Game. It turns out that Frink doesn't want to go back home because he has fallen in love... with a Koopa Troopa!

Screen shots

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