Donkey Kong returns to the jungle in the sequel to DK King of Swing.

First announced at E3 2006, DK Jungle Climber is almost ready to swing onto the DS. Developer Paon is once again bringing puzzle-platforming action to a handheld with the sequel to its own DK King of Swing for GBA.

DK Jungle Climber features a similar control scheme to its predecessor, which means your shoulder buttons will get a workout. On the ground, the L and R buttons make DK walk left and right. Press and release L and R together to make DK jump. In the air, DK can grab onto pegs and other grabbable objects with L and R; the two buttons control his left and right hand, respectively. After he grabs onto something, letting go of the shoulder button will propel DK in the direction he is facing. His charge attack from King of Swing — press and hold L and R, then release — also returns.

While the core gameplay is the same as DK King of Swing's, DK Jungle Climber introduces some new elements. This time, Diddy Kong can join DK on his adventure. After you break Diddy out of barrels scattered across the levels, you can fling him into enemies and breakable objects, and even spin him around DK. As for new level elements, a recent video shows a giant sunflower that bends back before springing DK high into the air.

Though there is no online multiplayer mode, DK Jungle Climber offers download play and local multiplayer, accommodating up to four players. Players can choose from Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Dixie Kong, and Funky Kong to use in all-new multiplayer battles.

DK Jungle Climber is scheduled to launch in North America on September 10.

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