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Wall Lakitu

Enemy: SMW2


Friend: WW (NES, SNES)
Main character: M&W
M&W: A fairy with a wand. You direct her with the SNES Mouse, hitting various things with her wand.
WW (NES, SNES): The fairy that drops down bombs so Toad can clear out the game pieces.

Wanderin' Goom

Enemy: SML3


Enemy: SML2, WW (NES, SNES)
Main character: SML3, WL2
WW (NES, SNES): The last boss.

Warp Vase

Item: YSt
They warp you to another part of the Page you're in.

Warp Whistle

Item: SMB3
This magic whistle takes Mario to World 9, the Warp Zone. The stage(s) you are able to warp to depend on what stage you used the whistle.


Enemy: SMB2

Wendy O. Koopa

Enemy: SMB3, SMW, YSa
One of Bowser's seven children.
SMB3: Boss of World 3
SMW: Boss of Castle #6
YSa: Boss of stage 3

Whirly Fly Guy

Enemy: SMW2

White Egg

Item: YSt
Find a White Egg, eat a total of 30 Fruit, and you'll get a White Yoshi. Found in Mystery Balls, only in Pages 3-2 and 3-3.

White Shy Guy

Friend: YSt
Found only in Story Mode and only if you've lost a Yoshi. If you get White Shy Guy safely through the level, on the next Select Yoshi screen, pick the White Shy Guy, and he'll fly to the Castle and bring back of of the Yoshis you lost.


Enemy: SM64

Whomp King

Enemy: SM64


Enemy: SM64, SMRPG, SMW

Wild Piranha

Enemy: SMW2

Wild Ptooie Piranha

Enemy: SMW2

Wilt Shroom

No information available

Wing Cap

Item: SM64
Found in red ! Boxes. Touching this cap lets Mario fly for a short time.

Winged Cloud

Item: SMW2
Hit one with an egg to make stairs, five Stars, one Flower, a Beanstalk, or a platform. If a Winged Cloud is supposed to yield Stars and you have the maximum 30 seconds on the Countdown Timer, you'll get Coins instead.

Winged Cloud Maker

Item: SMW2
Used on the Pause Screen. Turns every enemy on the screen into Winged Clouds.

Winged Koopa Troopa

Enemy: SMW

Woozy Guy

Enemy: SMW2

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