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Enemy: SMRPG
No information available

Yellow Coin

Item: SM64
Collecting 50 of these earns Mario an extra life. Collecting 100 of these earns Mario a Power Star.

See also: Coin

Yellow Egg

Item: SMW2
Hit an enemy with a Yellow Egg, and a Coin will appear.

Yellow Yoshi

Friend: SMW, YSt
In SMW, Yellow Yoshi can do a "stomp attack" if he has a shell in his mouth. In YSt, Yellow Yoshi's favorite fruit is Bananas.

See also: Yoshi


Friend: SM64, SMW, SMW2, YSa, YSt
Other appearances: MK64, SMK, TA (GB, SNES), YC (GB, NES, SNES), Yoshi (GB, NES)

Friendly dinosaurs that come in a variety of colors. In SMW, different colored Yoshis have different powers. When you eat something in YSt, your score varies, depending on what color Yoshi you have and what color Fruit/enemy you eat. In SMW2, the color isn't important.


Yoshi Ade

No information available

Yoshi Candy

No information available

Yoshi Cookie

No information available

Yoshi's Island

Setting: SMW2, TA (GB, SNES), YSt

Yoshi's Wings

Item: SMW
Found in only three courses. If you are riding Yoshi, you will be whisked away to a secret area with lots of Coins. When you fall of the bottom of the screen, you'll clear the course you were in, and get a Blue Yoshi.


Enemy: SML
Seahorses that live underwater.

Yurarin Boo

Enemy: SML
Yurarins that leap from the water and spit fire.

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