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Where are all the Red Coins in 1-7?

When you find the locked door, look up and get the Flashing Eggs. Shoot them at enemies to get a Red Coin from each Egg.
At the Goal, pound the red and yellow bridges to break them. Swim and get all the coins there. Then go stand on the highest point on the ramp thing sticking out of the ground, and jump straight up. A Spring Ball will drop down. Jump on it and you will find a hidden area. In the hidden area, go left, stand on the right edge of the Chomp Rock to get it rolling to the right and it will reveal a hidden Winged Cloud. Shoot it with an egg, and it will grow a Beanstalk. Climb the Beanstalk up for four Red Coins.

Where are all the Red Coins in 3-2?

At the part with the spinning wheel that is partially hidden by a tree, go left past the Egg-Plant to find two Red Coins. Then get on the spinning wheel, and jump up and left into the tree. You will find a hidden area with four Red Coins and a balloon-toss mini-battle.

How do I find Hookbill the Koopa in 4-8?

Sooner or later you will come to a door with an "X" over it. There should be Koopa Troopas to your left, a spinning arrow thing above you, and to your right there is a passage heading downward. When you first come to this important area, swallow a Koopa Troopa, and go down the passage. Spit the shell out at the Winged Cloud at the end of a narrow passage to your right. This will build a stairway to a door up and to your right. Go in that door, and you'll find a Crate with a Key in it. Go through a door or two and you should be back where you started. This time, go up and ride the spinning arrow across the spikes, then go in the door to your right. The rest of the way to Hookbill the Koopa is easy.

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