Family BASIC v2.0a/2.1a
Nintendo Famicom

System: Nintendo Famicom
Genre: Programming
Developer: Nintendo/Sharp/Hudson
Publisher: Nintendo
Release date: June 21st, 1984
ESRB rating: N/A
Players: 1
Save: Yes; 1982 bytes free
Memory size: 256 kilobits + 64 kilobits VROM
FBv2a screen shot


By connecting the Family BASIC Keyboard to the Nintendo Famicom, the Family BASIC series let users create and save code in the BASIC programming language. Versions 2.0a and 2.1a both contain the same Mario references.

Mario references

Custom backgrounds can be made with the "BG GRAPHIC" editor, which supplies the user with pre-made tile designs. Some of the tiles appear to be from several NES games, including Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr., and Mario Bros. The screen shot above shows a design made with these tiles.

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