Animal Crossing-e Series
Game Boy Advance [e-Reader]
Game info
System: Game Boy Advance [e-Reader]
Genre: Game expansion
Developer: Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo
Release info
[USA] Animal Crossing-e Series
Date: 2002-2003  
Cameo appearances and references

These collectible Animal Crossing trading cards can be used to unlock hidden features within the GameCube Animal Crossing either by entering a printed passcode, or by linking a Game Boy Advance and e-Reader to the system and scanning the barcode on the card.

Series 1

Release date: October 2002

Character Cards:
011: Bob (sends you a letter referencing Super Mario Sunshine)

Design Cards:
001: Shine Sprite (from Super Mario Sunshine)
002: Jumpman Mario (Mario in his Donkey Kong colors)

Series 2

Release date: January 2003

Series 3

Release date: March 2003

Character Cards:
168: Carrie (wearing toad print)

Series 4

Release date: May 2003

Character Cards:
270: Alfonso (wearing big bro's shirt)
274: Louie (wearing li'l bro's shirt)

Design Cards:
011: Yoshi's Egg

Classic Game Cards:
002: Mario Bros. - unlocks the Mario Bros. NES game!

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