Nintendo 64
Game info
System: Nintendo 64
Genre: Action/platforming
Developer: Rare
Publisher: Nintendo
Players: 1
Save: Yes
Banjo-Kazooie screen shot
Release info
[USA] Banjo-Kazooie
Date: 6/30/1998 Catalog #: NUS-NBKE-USA  
[Japan] バンジョーとカズーイの大冒険
(Banjo & Kazooie no Daibōken)
Date: 12/6/1998 Catalog #: NUS-NBKJ-JPN  
[Europe] Banjo-Kazooie
Date: 7/17/1998 Catalog #: NUS-NBKP-EUR  
Cameo appearances and references

In Click Clock Wood, a beaver named Gnawty can't get to his house because a boulder blocks the path. Gnawty resembles the beaver enemies of the same name in Donkey Kong Country, another game developed by Rare.

Grunty's Furnace Fun, a quiz game hosted by Gruntilda, has two references to the Kong family. One question asks, "In Mumbo's Mountain you don't know, what does that big gorilla throw?" Of the three answers you can select, one of the incorrect choices is "Barrels," an obvious Donkey Kong reference. One of the audio questions has "Cranky Kong" as an incorrect answer: "Listen up now then make your choice, which character has this dumb voice?"

Screen shots

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