Donkey Kong
Atari [Atari 2600]
Game info
System: Atari [Atari 2600]
Genre: Arcade
Donkey Kong screen shot
Release info
[USA] Donkey Kong
Date: 1982  

This port of Donkey Kong was released by Coleco in 1982, and only contained two stages from the arcade original -- the barrel stage and the final rivet stage.

While Atari did have the rights to home computer adaptations of Donkey Kong, Coleco had negotiated the rights to all home game system versions. As a result, Atari was unable to produce their own version for the 2600. Many years later, after Coleco had gone bankrupt and Atari was attempting to revive the 2600 to compete against the NES, Atari would re-release Coleco's Donkey Kong for the 2600.

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    Did you know...?
    • Coleco originally asked Steve Kitchen to port Donkey Kong to the 2600. However, being too busy with other projects, he subcontracted the job out to his younger brother, Gary Kitchen. Gary later went on to co-found Absolute Entertainment.
    • Coleco paid Nintendo $1.40 for each cartridge they released, on top of an undisclosed lump sum.
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