Game info
System: Atari [Atari 8-bit]
Genre: Arcade
Release info
[USA] Donkey Kong
Date: 3/1983  

Released in 1983 by Atari, this port of Donkey Kong retains all four of the arcade game's stages (the NES version lacks the conveyor belt stage). Atari was unable to release Donkey Kong for their 2600 as they had only managed to obtain computer rights to Donkey Kong. Atari did release versions of Donkey Kong for most home computers of the early 80s under their AtariSoft brand.

When Atari released the XE Game System (a repackaged Atari 65XE computer) to compete with the NES, they re-released several cartridge games as new, light gray "XE" cartridges. Donkey Kong was one of the re-releases.

Programmed by Landon Dyer.

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