Donkey Kong Country
Game Boy [Game Boy Color]
Game info
System: Game Boy [Game Boy Color]
Genre: Action/platforming
Developer: Rare
Publisher: Nintendo
Release info
[USA] Donkey Kong Country
Date: 11/23/2000 ESRB: E Catalog #: CGB-BDDE-USA  
[Japan] ドンキーコング2001
(Donkey Kong 2001)
Date: 1/21/2001 Catalog #: CGB-BDDJ-JPN  
[Australia] Donkey Kong Country
Date: ACB: G  

It's Donkey Kong Country on the Game Boy Color!

Running on an enhanced version of the Donkey Kong Land engine, this port manages to offer most of the basic game play from the SNES original along with a few minor extras. As in the Donkey Kong Land series, only one character is visible on the screen at any time, and some music from the Donkey Kong Land titles appears to have been reused for this port.

Stickers can be collected and printed with the Game Boy Printer. Multiplayer minigames are included as well.

This title can't be played on the original Game Boy or Super Game Boy.

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