Donkey Kong Jungle Beat
Game info
System: GameCube
Genre: Action/platforming
Developer: Nintendo EAD
Publisher: Nintendo
Players: 1
Save: Memory Card
Peripherals: DK Bongos
Donkey Kong Jungle Beat screen shot
Release info
[USA] Donkey Kong Jungle Beat
Date: 3/14/2005 ESRB: E10+ Catalog #: DOL-GYBE-USA  
[Japan] ドンキーコング ジャングルビート
(Donkey Kong Jungle Beat)
Date: 12/16/2004 CERO: All ages Catalog #: DOL-GYBJ-JPN  
[Europe] Donkey Kong Jungle Beat
Date: 2/4/2005 PEGI: 3+ Catalog #: DOL-GYBP-EUR  
[Australia] Donkey Kong Jungle Beat
Date: ACB: G  

Donkey Kong shows us that he's still king of the jungle in Donkey Kong Jungle Beat, a 2-D platformer for GameCube. Plug in your DK Bongos and beat down the enemies as you guide DK through more than a dozen kingdoms.

Donkey Kong Jungle Beat is designed to be played with the DK Bongos instead of a GameCube controller. As expected, hitting the left or right drum makes DK move left or right. Hit both drums at once to make DK jump; while in the air, hit both again to perform a ground pound. When you clap your hands, DK will execute a clap attack to stun enemies and grab nearby objects.

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Release dates

  • Japan: June 21, 2017
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