Mario Artist: Paint Studio
Nintendo 64 [64DD]
Game info
System: Nintendo 64 [64DD]
Genre: Creativity
Developer: Nintendo EAD
Publisher: Nintendo
Players: 1
Save: Yes
Peripherals: Nintendo 64 Mouse (included)
Mario Artist: Paint Studio screen shot
Release info
[Japan] マリオアーティスト ペイントスタジオ
(Mario Artist: Paint Studio)
Date: 12/1/1999 Catalog #: NUD-DMPJ-JPN  

Paint Studio is basically Mario Paint on steroids. Bundled with the Nintendo 64 Mouse, Paint Studio was one of the two 64DD launch titles.

Using the Nintendo 64 Capture Cartridge (included with Talent Studio), you could take stills from video tapes or import images from a Game Boy Camera for more editing fun.

Paint Studio's working title was Picture Maker.

Screen shots

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