Game info
System: Game Boy Advance [e-Reader]
Genre: Minigames
Developer: Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo
Players: 1-8
Series: Mario Party
Mario Party-e screen shot
Release info
[USA] Mario Party-e
Date: 2/17/2003 ESRB: E  

Mario Party-e combines the fun of card games and the Mario Party series. The 64 total cards per deck accommodate up to four players. Mix in another deck, and up to eight can party hearty on the included fold-out game board. Unfortunately, there is no official one-player mode, but you can always practice the e-Reader mini-games on your own.

Eleven cards can be swiped through an e-Reader to load simple mini-games onto a Game Boy Advance, where players can win bonuses. Just how simple are the mini-games, you ask? If there is no e-Reader available, you can substitute a coin toss.


  • Balloon Burst!
  • Bolt from Boo
  • Cast Away, Mario! - Reel in the fish that Peach asks for.
  • Daisy's Rodeo!
  • Fast Feed Yoshi!
  • Lakitu's Luck
  • Mario's Mallet - Smash the Goombas that emerge from the pipe before they reach Peach.
  • Spinister Bowser
  • Time Bomb Ticks!
  • Waluigi's Reign
  • Wario's Bluff - The player who stops Wario closest to the edge wins this one.
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