Mario Super Sluggers
Game info
System: Wii
Genre: Sports/baseball
Developer: Namco Bandai
Publisher: Nintendo
Players: 1-4
Series: Mario Superstar Baseball
Mario Super Sluggers screen shot
Release info
[USA] Mario Super Sluggers
Date: 8/25/2008 ESRB: E Catalog #: RVL-RMBE-USA  
[Japan] スーパーマリオスタジアム ファミリーベースボール
(Super Mario Stadium: Family Baseball)
Date: 6/19/2008 CERO: A Catalog #: RVL-RMBJ-JPN  

The Mario crew returns to the diamond for more exciting baseball action. At the start, you can select from more than 50 playable characters, and there are even more waiting to be unlocked.

Mario Super Sluggers was re-released as part of the reduced-price "Nintendo Selects" series on May 15, 2011 in North America.

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