Nintendo DSi Metronome
Nintendo DS [DSiWare]
Game info
System: Nintendo DS [DSiWare]
Genre: Simulation
Developer: Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo
Players: 1
Nintendo DSi Metronome screen shot
Release info
[USA] Nintendo DSi Metronome
Date: 3/29/2010 ESRB: E  
[Japan] ニンテンドーDSiメトロノーム
(Nintendo DSi Metronome)
Date: 9/2/2009 CERO: A  

Nintendo DSi Metronome includes a "Donkey Kong Metronome" minigame, which is based on the first stage of Donkey Kong. Clap your hands to the beat to make Mario jump over the rolling barrels. When Mario clears a set a barrels, he moves up to the next platform and the tempo increases.

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