Game info
System: Game Boy
Genre: Arcade
Developer: Nintendo RD1, Taito
Publisher: Nintendo
Players: 1
Save: None
Memory size: 0.5 megabits
Qix screen shot
Release info
[USA] Qix
Date: 5/??/1990 Catalog #: DMG-QX-USA  
[Japan] クイックス
Date: 4/13/1990 Catalog #: DMG-QX-JPN  
[Europe] Qix
Date: 9/28/1990  
Cameo appearances and references

After your 1-Player game is over, Mario will do a little something depending on your score. See screen shots below.

In 2-Player mode, the person that starts the game is "team Mario," and the other player is "team Luigi." Your character will appear after each round to either celebrate their victory or weep in defeat.

Screen shots

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