Sam & Max Episode 5: Reality 2.0
Personal Computer
Game info
System: Personal Computer
Developer: Telltale Games
Publisher: Gametap, Telltale Games
Sam & Max Episode 5: Reality 2.0 screen shot
Release info
[USA] Sam & Max Episode 5: Reality 2.0
Date: 3/29/2007  
Cameo appearances and references

At one point in their world's virtual reality MMO, "Reality 2.0," Sam and Max find themselves in need of an item that costs five gold coins. The coin graphic is suspiciously familiar, and a few jokes are made about it. Three coins float above the city street and the other two are hidden in equally inconvenient locations. The duo nab the coins through some creative use of a computer bug. Sam does his best Super Mario imitation, saying "It'sa me, Sam!" before striking Mario's jump pose to collect the floating coins. No Mario sound effects accompany the action.

Screen shots

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