Super Mario Land
Game Boy
Game info
System: Game Boy
Genre: Action/platforming
Developer: Nintendo RD1
Publisher: Nintendo
Players: 1
Save: None
Memory size: 0.5 megabits
Series: Super Mario Land
Super Mario Land screen shot
Release info
[USA] Super Mario Land
Date: 8/??/1989 Catalog #: DMG-ML-USA  
[Japan] スーパーマリオランド
(Super Mario Land)
Date: 4/21/1989 Catalog #: DMG-ML-JPN  
[Europe] Super Mario Land
Date: 9/28/1990  

Tatanga the evil spaceman has invaded the peaceful Sarasaland kingdom and kidnapped its ruler, Princess Daisy. In this, Mario's first Game Boy adventure, our hero travels through four unique worlds, utilizing new powers and vehicles along the way.

Screen shots

Outside references

Easter Island
Level 3, the "Easton Kingdom", is based on this real-life Chilean island which features massive, mysterious stone sculptures of strange faces. These scuptures can be seen in the level's background, and were the inspiration behind the Batadon, Tokotoko, and Hiyohihoi enemies.

Two other levels are also based on real-life locales, with the Birabuto Kingdom being based on Ancient Egypt and the Chai Kingdom on Ancient China.

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