Super Punch-Out!!
Game info
System: Arcade
Genre: Sports/boxing
Developer: Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo
Super Punch-Out!! screen shot
Release info
[USA] Super Punch-Out!!
Date: 1984  
[Japan] スーパーパンチアウト!!
(Super Punch-Out!!)
Date: 1984  
Cameo appearances and references

Not to be confused with the somewhat different Super NES version, Super Punch-Out!! was the sequel to the Punch-Out!! arcade game. The image used for the background of Punch-Out!! (in which Mario, Luigi, DK, and DK Jr. sit on both sides of the ring) was recycled for Super Punch-Out!!. The only difference is that the background is in black and white. Here's a close-up of the characters:

Screen shots

Thanks: Mark Kelly, Toadmon.
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