Game info
System: Nintendo 3DS [3DS download software]
Genre: Communication
Developer: Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo
Release info
[USA] Swapdoodle
Date: 11/17/2016 ESRB: E  
[Japan] イラスト交換日記
(Illustration Kōkan Nikki)
Date: 11/22/2016 CERO: A  
[Europe] Swapdoodle
Date: 11/17/2016 PEGI: 3  
[Australia] Swapdoodle
Date: 11/18/2016 ACB: G  
Cameo appearances and references

Nikki's notes

  • The first note from Nikki includes a doodle of a person holding a doodle of a Super Mushroom. (This note is also used in the introduction when Swapdoodle is loaded for the first time.)
  • A different Super Mushroom doodle appears in Nikki's note about Doodle Lessons. Nikki writes, "My feline friend drew this doodle!"
  • Nikki draws a small Question Block on the first page of her note about attaching screenshots.

Downloadable content

Starter Pack

  • Price: Free
  • Lessons include "Super Mushroom" (one out of four total lessons)

Nintendo Premium Pack

  • Price: $6.99
  • Stationery includes Mario in bottom-right corner with arm outstretched (one out of six total)
  • Lessons include Mario's head (one out of six total)

Silver Glitter & Stationery Set

Super Mario Standard Lessons

Mario Kart 8

Super Mario Basic Lessons

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