Touch de Tanoshimu Hyakunin Isshu DS Shigureden
Nintendo DS
Game info
System: Nintendo DS
Genre: Edutainment
Developer: Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo
Release info
[Japan] タッチで楽しむ百人一首 DS時雨殿
(Touch de Tanoshimu Hyakunin Isshu DS Shigureden)
Date: 12/14/2006 CERO: A Catalog #: NTR-AIXJ-JPN  
Cameo appearances and references

At least three pictures in a karuta (playing card) matching mode use Super Mario Bros. sprites. The three known Mario-related pictures are: Mario with stretched legs, Mario about to stomp a Goomba, and a crying Blooper with X'ed-out eyes. Combining the first few hiragana from each side of the cards, silly pictures such as these serve as mnemonic devices.

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